Discover Mon ami Célestin, the unpublished short story by Philibert Humm

EXCLUSIVE – Every week, Le Figaro Magazine publishes an unpublished short story by a writer. This week it’s Philibert Humm’s turn.

Last book published: Roman river (Équateurs Editions, Interallié 2022 price).

I’m lucky to know a pretty smart young man. Célestin, that’s his name, recites the entire alphabet and can count up to 130 without difficulty. ‘after Madame Gidoin, his mistress. Last week, therefore, I went to Paris in his company and our steps led us to the Luxembourg Gardens. Talking about this and that, jumping in puddles, running after pigeons, the afternoon was already well under way when we decided to go to the theatre. It is precisely these days, at the Guignol du Luxembourg, a play entitled The Adventures of the Cat Minouchet. This was an opportunity to hear a text whose dramatic criticism has been little echoed. Celestin, who is not my friend for nothing, shared my curiosity. We rented two armchairs from the orchestra

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