Discover Santa Madonna, santo Maradona!, the unpublished short story by Robert Redeker

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A seminarian in Toulouse, Werner remained torn between two vocations of equal attraction. Atrocious torture: as soon as God called him, pulling him in one direction, football immediately called him back, pulling him by the sleeve in the opposite direction. His desire stuttered between two absolutes: to become a priest, or a player in a big club! If he venerated the Madonna, he saw himself in Maradona! Like the donkey of the monk Buridan, his heart hovered in perfect balance between these two destinies, paralyzed at the mere prospect of having to choose.

Werner burned from within for God, Werner burned from within for football. This Saturday morning, the light struck down his hesitation: no other way to decide existed than to force the Lord to choose in his place. All the cruelty of sacrificing a vocation would be teleported to the Most High! And he, Werner, would come out of it as innocent as after the confession! Wasn’t this how in the Middle Ages the undecidable was resolved, by organizing the judgment of God? Werner…

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