discover the course of the next season of the M6 ​​adventure game

VIDEO – Stéphane Rotenberg announced, on social networks, the countries covered in the 18th opus of the show.

M6 likes to make the pleasure last. While filming the 18th season of “Beijing Express” started last week, the channel gives information about the course in dribs and drabs.

Monday, September 4, a first information had been communicated. Stephane Rotenberg thus announced, via a video posted on Instagram that the adventure had started in Indonesia.
“First day of filming, I’m in the remote, wild, little known part of the island of Bali in Indonesia. It is the first country crossed by the race. We haven’t been back to Indonesia since “La route des dragons” season 4 in 2009 “, he explained in his message. Information that pleased fans of the M6 ​​adventure game but also left them wanting more.

Three countries traveled

This Monday, September 11, a week later, the channel finally lifted the veil on the complete journey traveled by the candidates and teams of this 18th season. Stéphane Rotenberg once again spoke in a video posted on the show’s official account. The host appears in front of a spectacular landscape.
“Hello everyone, I’m still on the schedule for the 18th season of Beijing Express. Look at the place, it’s still completely crazy, it’s the largest acid lake in the world, it’s Kawah Ijen in Indonesia. »

The host then revealed the outlines of the next season which will be called “In the footsteps of the golden tiger”. Three countries will be on the program. “Here, Indonesia. We start in Bali and there we are already on the island of Java. Then we will go to Malaysia, we have never been to Malaysia in “Beijing Express”. And finally, Vietnam. The finale of this 18th season will be in Hanoi,” didhe reveals. This will be the second time the program has filmed in Vietnam. The M6 ​​cameras had already landed there in 2009 during season 4 but, conversely, the game had then started there in Halong Bay.

The “Beijing Express” teams are therefore exploring another continent after crossing South America last year during the filming of season 17, called “The Secret Choice”. The candidates had been to Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil, an 85% unprecedented journey. The episodes of the adventure game, broadcast from February to April last year, attracted an average of 2.6 million people (audiences combined with the replay).

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