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By Alice Devley

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Sandrine Collette, winner of the 2022 Jean-Giono Prize. THOMAS COEX/AFP

The jury, chaired by Paule Constant from the Académie Goncourt, has just unveiled its first selection.

Who will succeed Sandrine Collette, winner of the 2022 Jean-Giono Prize? A few hours after the Renaudot, it is the turn of the Jean-Giono Prize, chaired by Paule Constant of the Goncourt Academy, to unveil its first list.

We find there in particular Gaspard Koenig, present on the list of Goncourt and Renaudot. Akira Mizubayashi and Antoine Sénanque do their part double by appearing both in the selection of Giono and that of Goncourt. And if Serge Joncour was shunned by the two grand prizes, here he is finally in a list.

The full list:

Pierric Bailly: Lightning (POL)

Rachid Benzine: The silences of the fathers (Threshold)

Guy Boley: To my sister and only (Gret)

Fabrice Caro: Diary of a screenplay (Gallimard)

Olivier Ciechelski: Fires in the plain (Rouergue)

Serge Joncour: Human warmth (Albin Michel)

Gaspard Koenig: Humus (the Observatory)

Akira Mizubayashi: Unforgettable Suite (Gallimard)

Catherine Poulain: The Shadow of a Large Bird (Arthaud)

Antoine Sénanque: Cinder Cross (Gret)

The second selection will be announced on October 2. The winner will be announced on November 9 and will receive a check for €10,000.

Sponsored by the Jan-Michalski Foundation, the Jean-Giono prize is awarded each year “to the best storyteller and rewards a work in French that leaves plenty of room for the imagination”.

The Jean-Giono Prize jury is made up of Paule Constant from the Académie Goncourt, President, Metin Arditi, Tahar Ben Jelloun from the Académie Goncourt, David Foenkinos, Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Sylvie Giono, Robert Kopp, Emmanuelle Lambert, Véra Michalski, Etienne de Montety and Marianne Payot.

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