discover the first selection of the jury

The jury has unveiled its first list. There are authors from the first Goncourt selection and a few surprises.

Who will succeed Simon Liberati, winner of the 2022 Renaudot Prize? Two days after the first list of the Goncourt prize, the Renaudot jury met at Drouant, under the chairmanship of Jean-Noël Pancrazi, to establish its first autumn selection. There are well-known authors and some surprises.

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First of all, there are three authors already present in the Goncourt list: Mokhtar Amoudi, Gaspard Koenig and Antoine Sénanque. Conversely, shunned by the Goncourt, certain renowned authors appear in the first list of Renaudot: Maria Pourchet, Thomas B. Reverdy, Lionel Duroy and Sorj Chalandon. Two well-known authors remain ignored by grand juries for the moment: Laurent Binet and Serge Joncour.

Surprisingly, the jury included in its list an unexpected writer, the author of thriller Fred Vargas. Likewise, the jury placed two novelists in its list of essays: Agnès Desarthe and the first-time novelist Cedric Sapin-Dufour. In addition to these names already well identified, there are two authors of first novels: Eric Chacour and Clement Camar-Mercier.

Finally, after the quinté Gallimard in the Goncourt list, the publishing house is in the running with three authors, and three others, from the Madrigall group (two Flammarions and one Denoël).

The next selections will take place on October 5 and 26 at the Hôtel de Ma. The proclamation on November 7, at Drouant.

The list of novels:

Mokhtar Amoudi, Ideal Conditions (Gallimard)

Gaëlle Bélem, The Rarest Fruit (Gallimard)

Clément Camar-Mercier, The Novel of Jeanne and Nathan (Actes sud)

Eric Chacour, What I Know About You (Philippe Rey)

Sorj Chalandon, The Enraged (Gret)

Nicolas Chemla, The Abyss (Le Cherche-Midi)

Lionel Duroy, My steps in their shadows (Mialet/Barrault)

Lilia Haine, Panorama (Gallimard)

Gaspard Koenig, Humus (The Observatory)

Jessica L. Nelson, L’Ombrageuse (Albin Michel)

Maria Pourchet, Western (Stock)

Thomas B. Reverdy, The Great Help, (Flammarion)

Alexis Salatko, Jules and Jo (Denoel)

Ann Scott, Les Insolents (Calmann-Lévy)

Antoine Sénanque, Cinder Cross (Gret)

Fred Vargas, On the slab (Flammarion)

The list of tests:

Nathacha Appanah, Faded Memory (Mercure de France)

Claude Arnaud, Pico against Cocteau (Gret)

Bruno de Cessole, The Scepter and the Feather (Perrin)

Agnès Desarthe, The Castle of Rentiers (L’Olivier)

Négar Djavadi, The Last Place (Stock)

Elgas, The Good Resentments (Riveneuve)

Dimitri Kantcheloff, Life and Death of Vernon Sullivan (Finitude)

Paul Pavlowitch, All Immortals (Buchet-Chastel)

Cédric Sapin-Dufour, His smell after the rain (Stock)

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