Disney +: not so “Irresistible”, this series with Camélia Jordana

She runs, she runs, lovesickness…. These words from Michel Sardou could perfectly illustrate the point of “Irrésistible”, new French series from Disney + launched this Wednesday. Because when her heroine, the influencer Adèle – played by Camélia Jordana -, falls in love with the mathematician Arthur (Théo Navarro-Mussy), she immediately realizes that as soon as he approaches her to whisper sweet words, she invariably pes out and develops nasty nausea.

Love-sick, Adèle, is the diagnosis made by her psychologist, with a key cause: she is experiencing post-traumatic shock following her previous romantic disappointment which ended in a separation with Treasure (Corentin Fila), his partner in the podcast studio they set up together. Prescription from the specialist: Adèle must, as long as the symptoms persist, stay as far away as possible emotionally from Arthur, with whom she has just launched a new program on the analysis of romantic relationships through math – the tile !

Too many inconsistencies

Arthur therefore sees himself deprived of his sincere and overflowing enthusiasm for Adèle, even though he must see her regularly since they work together. The situation will quickly degenerate, and become untenable for Adèle, forced to spend time with Trésor, who annoys her more and more, and Arthur, whom she loves but whose feelings she must keep at a distance at the risk of ured fainting…

So much for the plot of this six-episode mini-series, which left us a little perplexed and to say the least divided. Because from the outset, it is difficult to adhere to this concept of serious sentimental affection – even in the context of a light romantic comedy – far too absurd to prove credible. Especially since it is accompanied by clumsy storylines: when Adèle and Arthur sleep together, she is not ill, it only occurs when he shows impulses towards her: incomprehensible!

As for the heroes and actors, it’s 50-50. Camélia Jordana does the job, with some nice flashes. Her suitor is far too flat for Théo Navarro-Mussy to be able to fully reveal himself and appear attractive to the spectators. Unlike Corentin Fila, excellent as an ex in such bad faith and with such annoying behavior that you want to kick his butt with every response. The same goes for Zoé Schellenberg in the role of Solène, Arthur’s wife, who, in a few scenes, impresses the retina more than the two protagonists and provokes some good laughs.

Corentin Fila and Marion Seclin.
Corentin Fila and Marion Seclin. Disney

But ultimately, it’s really on the side of the plot, which takes too long to set up, that things slip. Hence the fact that the best pages are those which are located next to the heart of the story. Particularly during this visit, in the fourth episode, of Adèle to her father – played with great accuracy by the formidable Zinedine Soualem – and to her sisters. A stunning sequence, full of nostalgia, which ends with a heartbreaking karaoke on “My preference” by Julien Clerc : a big moment. In short, not everything is successful in this romcombut the series also contains some nice surprises: not so “Irresistible”, in a way.

Editor’s note:

Irresistible “, French mini-series by Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat (2023), with Camélia Jordana, Théo Navarro-Mussy, Corentin Fila, Zoé Schellenberg, Zinedine Soualem… 6 episodes of 30 minutes, on Disney +.

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