DIY, cooking, gardening… Lidl launches its online store

A good deal at lidl ? There is now no need to crowd in front of the blue and yellow store to enjoy it. The German brand launched its e-commerce site in France this Sunday, at, where you can buy a whole host of non-food products. This development follows the launch of a similar service in Belgium, Poland and Spain.

It had been possible for several days to access the brand’s e-commerce site, but until then without being able to place an order. Originally scheduled for May 23, the launch was quietly carried out this weekend. At Le Parisien, we were able to place an order this Sunday afternoon.

Paid delivery in all cases

For regulars of free deliveries, no gift from Lidl: shipping costs are payable in all cases, from 4.99 euros to 44.98 euros depending on the weight and size of the package. And beware: in the event of a return (which cannot be made in store), the brand’s general conditions of sale do not provide for the reimburt of these shipping costs.

The Lidl site is therefore full of a whole bunch of products. No need to look for pasta, soda or crisps: only non-food products are sold. We thus find the brand’s range of Parkside tools, but also garden furniture, fashion and leisure products. For now, don’t look for the flagship products of Lidl that are the Mister Kitchenthe “ugly sweater” in the colors of the brand or the sneakers of the same taste: they are (for now) not present in the store.

The online price war

By landing on the Internet, Lidl launches the price war… online. There is thus an “electric table grill” sold at 27.99 euros for which it is difficult to find a competitor elsewhere in terms of price (35 euros on the Carrefour site, 40 euros on that of Moulinex, etc.). Same thing for this bed mosquito net sold by Lidl at 10 euros, a price that even Amazon cannot beat (the cheapest is sold there for 17 euros).

Lidl should not remain alone for very long in this niche of online hard discount, while inflation pushes more and more to turn to low prices. In Belgium, one of its main competitors, Action, launched a few days ago a similar online shopping service. If the sign indicated to the Parisian that it did not intend to attack France, that could perhaps quickly change.

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