Does having each person their own notary cost more?

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Will I pay more notary fees if I choose a different notary than the seller?

When it comes to real estate sales, “notary fees” cover the notary’s remuneration and the taxes he collects for the department, the municipality or the State. They are not freely fixed. Duties and taxes are subject to tax scales depending on the nature of the property and its completion date.

As for the notary’s fees, the sale is a “priced” act for which fees are charged, the amount of which is regulated by the State.

The fees of the notary(ies) are proportional to the value of the property sold. It does not matter, therefore, the number of notaries involved in the deed, their amount remains the same. If the seller and the buyer each have their own notary, they share the fees between them according to internal rules of the profession, without incurring additional costs for the parties.

Crossed look at the act

A real estate purchase is an important commitment, it is therefore essential to feel confident with the notary who ensures the administrative and legal management of the operation. Although he is required to remain objective in his capacity as a public officer, your notary will nevertheless be keen to look after your interests and will be able to advise you according to your personal constraints.

The intervention of two notaries will also allow a cross-examination of the acts, a double verification of the documents and their conformity with the law. Furthermore, the purchase or sale of a property is an opportunity to discuss with your notary and to think about your financial situation and your long-term family plans.

Cécile Dupain(ociate notary, KL Conseil)

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