Does inflation have ardent defenders as claimed by Michel-Édouard Leclerc?

Michel-Édouard Leclerc, the boss of the Leclerc distribution centers. AFP / GAIZKA IROZ

THE CHEKING PROCESS – The boss of the Leclerc centers, on behalf of consumers, his clients, accuses financiers, industrialists and economists of maintaining an excessive level of inflation.

Always welcomed in the morning radio and TV shows as a quasi “Minister of the Economy and Consumption” whose word is popular, Michel Edouard Leclercthe boss of the Leclerc distribution centers, did not mince his words last Monday on Europe 1. “There are people who are for inflation. A financial community needs this inflation… It gives the illusion of increasing turnover. It is maintained, it is desired by many economists”.

The financiers, in other words the bankers and the stock markets, then the business owners, and finally the economists, who would be the “useful idiots” of economic life: the three categories referred to bring together a lot of people. All powerful people, either by money, or by their spirit of enterprise, or by their theoretical knowledge. Michel Édouard Leclerc designates them to the popular vindictiveness of “ordinary people” as we say now, “for whom inflation…

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