Does TF1 manage to beat France 2 with Arthur’s new game, “The Wheel”?


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Arthur at the helm of the new TF1 game JP. PARIENTE / © JP. PARIENTE / TF1

The famous animator and producer has declared that he no longer wants to do television for the sole purpose of making audiences. It falls very well.

Friday evening, once again, France 2 climbed to the first step of the audience podium thanks to Criminal Tropics . The unprecedented episode of the detective series brought together 4.16 million fans of the exotic investigations of the female tandem played by Sonia Rolland and Agathe de la Boulaye, i.e. 22.9% audience share among the total audience aged four and over and 8.8% market share among Women Purchasing Managers Under Fifty (FRDA-50), according to Mediametry. Last Friday, the series had intrigued 4.07 million viewers, or 22.7% of the public aged four and over and 8.2% of the FRDA-50.

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TF1 therefore comes second with the launch of “The Wheel: The Circle of 7” which succeeds “Mask Singer” in the Friday night entertainment box. The first part of the new game hosted by Arthur attracted 2.55 million curious people, i.e. 14.2% audience share among all audiences aged four and over and 27.3% market share among FRDA-50. The entertainment suite held up well with 2.6 million viewers (18.2% PDA 4+, 33.7% FRDA-50). For comparison, the season finale of Mask Signer, which aired last week, was watched by 3.09 million people.

As for the other channels, M6 wins third place with Blockbuster Disney Jungle Cruise . The adventure comedy worn by Emily Blunt and former American-Canadian wrestler Dwayne Johnson captivated 2.33 million fans, or 14.4% audience share among all audiences aged four and over. and 21.1% market share on the FRDA-50. France 3 follows in fourth place with “The TV years of Mireille Dumas”. The rebroadcast of this documentary, which looked back on the highlights of the producer’s 40-year career, animator and director attracted 1.11 million nostalgic people, i.e. 7.4% of 4+ and 1.8% of FRDA-50.

Finally, Arte takes fifth place with its eternal German TV movie on Friday evening… Commissioner Marthaler: Too good to be honest captured the attention of 690,000 viewers, or 3.9% of the public.

Audiences of the first part of the evening of Friday, June 9

1 France 2 TV program Criminal Tropics

4,161,000 viewers

2 M6 TV program Jungle Cruise

2,331,000 viewers

3 TF1 TV program The Wheel, the circle of 7

2,557,000 viewers

4 France 3 TV program The TV years of Mireille Dumas

1,117,000 viewers

5 Art TV program Commissioner Marthaler – Too good to be honest

690,000 viewers

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