Does the hypermarket still have a future?

By Mary Bartnik

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On June 15, 1963, 5,200 customers flocked to the opening of the first Carrefour in France, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois. KEYSTONE-FRANCE/GAMMA RAPHO

ANALYSIS – This French invention enjoyed colossal success until the 2000s. It must now evolve.

On this Saturday, customers flock to Saint-Geneviève-des-Bois (Seine-et-Oise) for the opening of a Carrefour store. All are amazed by the gigantism and the abundance: shelves on 2500 square meters, 15 meters of butcher’s department, ten meters of creamery, twelve cash registers. On that day, 5,200 customers shop there. The success is such that it is necessary to close the store several times to restock it.

We are June 15, 1963. This Carrefour store, the second of the sign, is the first of a format whose name has not yet been invented: the hypermarket. Jean-Jacques Osmond, 11, pes under the legs of the customers to enter the first to buy a packet of chewing gum. ” I was amazed to be able to touch the products, which was forbidden in grocery stores at the time,” he remembers.

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