Dog stoned after eating cannabis candy on the street, here are the effects on the animal

He found a cannabis candy on the street and ate it. Then he began to stagger and lay down on the ground, as if dazed. Bad mishap for Hudson, a Golden Retriever who experienced the devastating effects of the drug on his own skin. The video, posted on TikTok, is causing discussion. The dog’s owner tried to play down the episode, pointing out the dangerous consequences of the drug inadvertently ingested by dogs.

Hudson’s condition after swallowing the candy necessitated a visit to the vet. The four-legged only recovered the next day, and with great effort: he had to sleep for many hours before regaining a minimum of strength. “To the person who left his candy on the sidewalk outside our apartment: Our dog wondered if you could leave a chicken sandwich and bag of chips instead of candy. Thanks!” Hudson’s owner wrote. Many user comments, divided between those who did not appreciate his irony and those who deem it useful to bear witness to these episodes, to prevent them from happening again.

In New York, meanwhile, the alarm of veterinarians is growing for the number of dogs “stoned” after the liberalization of marijuana. It is a consequence of the “cannabis law” ped in the spring of 2021 by then governor Andrew Cuomo. Since then it’s nearly impossible to escape the pungent smell that has become so typical of the Big Apple. Secondhand smoke, or secondhand smoke, causes the effects, albeit small, of THC, without ever taking a hit from a joint or bong. Dogs are not excluded from these effects. Indeed: they have more cannabinoid receptors than humans, which means that even small amounts of the drug are highly toxic.

But not only. Four-legged New Yorkers happen to eat discarded they find on the street during their walk to the Brooklyn waterfront. If they ingest it by mistake, they risk their lives. Many owners try to prevent their pets from swallowing reed remains, but taking these precautions is not so easy. And again, dogs can get intoxicated even just by munching on gummies and marijuana chocolate or cannabis-based treats that they can find in their path. In the past, vets reported one case a month. They now treat several dogs a week.

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