Domestic violence is still a serious problem in society; victims can get help

Domestic violence is still a serious problem in society;  victims can get help

Police data shows that domestic violence is still a serious social problem. Last year alone, officers in the country filled out a total of over 61,000 Blue Card forms. The police remind that victims of violence can get help and the perpetrator should be held accountable.

Last year, officers in the country filled in a total of 61,645 “Blue Card – A” forms. The total number of people suspected of having been affected by violence was 71,631, of which 51,935 were women, 10,982 minors, and 8,714 men.

In 2021, the figures were similar; A total of 64,250 “Blue Card – A” forms were filled in. At that time, the total number of people suspected of being affected by violence was 75,761, including 55,112 women, 11,129 minors, and 9,520 men.

Police statistics show that despite the fact that the number of cases of domestic violence has been decreasing since 2014 (then the number of completed “Blue Card – A” forms was 77,808 in total, and the total number of people suspected of being affected by violence was 105,332) , then cases of violence are still a serious problem in society.

Police officers remind us that the perpetrator of any kind of violence should be held accountable, and any person affected by violence – physical, mental, sexual or economic – can get help.

As emphasized in an interview with PAP, the press officer of the KPP in Wągrowiec, junior asp. Dominik Zieliński, violence can appear in every home; it is not related to the social status of the family or place of residence, and victims of domestic violence are residents of large cities as well as smaller towns and villages.

According to the data of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań, last year in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, the number of people suspected of being affected by violence totaled 7,534; of this number, the majority were women – 4,973.

Zieliński noted that in the Wągrowiec district alone in 2022, police officers initiated almost 60 proceedings under Art. 207 pairs 1 of the Penal Code, i.e. proceedings concerning “the abuse of a loved one or another person who is in a permanent or temporary relationship of dependence on the perpetrator”. As he pointed out, these were events concerning both marriages and partnerships, but also situations in which children or seniors living in a common home were mistreated.

“When talking about domestic violence, we must remember that the perpetrators of violence manipulate their victims by intimidating them into certain behavior, including not reporting violence to law enforcement authorities. There are also situations in which there are threats of intimidation of the victim related to the fact that if the case is reported, the person will be deprived of life, for example, said Zieliński.

He noted that victims of violence often do not report the case also because of their social position or the opinion of their neighbors.

“There are also economically dependent women who, fearing the hardships of everyday life, sometimes do not want to burden their torturer with evidence, accepting their very difficult situation. Sometimes it lasts a very long time, until something happens that will overflow the cup of this bitterness. Then, however, it is impossible to turn back time, so it is worth considering whether to wait and what to wait for” – stressed Zieliński.

He added that each such situation is very individual, but victims of violence must be reminded that they can get help and change their lives.

Zieliński reminded that a person whose life or health may be at risk should also remember to notify the police as soon as possible, because a quick reaction will not only ensure protection, but also initiate appropriate procedures and secure evidence of the event.

In the event of a bodily injury, the victim of violence should contact a doctor for medical assistance. He may also request a medical certificate on the causes and type of injuries related to the use of violence.

A person who experiences domestic violence can also take advantage of legal advice and psychological support by calling the 24/7 National Telephone for Victims of Domestic Violence “Blue Line” – 800 120 002.

In 2020, thanks to the amendment to the regulations, the police also received tools to fight domestic violence perpetrators more effectively. Currently, police officers have the ability to issue an order to a violent person to immediately leave the jointly occupied apartment and its immediate surroundings, or to prohibit them from approaching the apartment and its immediate surroundings. These orders or prohibitions may be issued jointly and are effective from the moment they are issued.

Police officers also have the power to issue an order or prohibition during an intervention in a jointly occupied apartment or its immediate vicinity; in connection with obtaining information about the use of domestic violence (in particular as a result of reporting by a person affected by domestic violence, a probation officer or an employee of a social welfare organizational unit in connection with the performance of statutory duties).

“A person against whom an order or prohibition is issued has the right to take with him only items of personal use and used for the performance of work and pets owned by him. She also has a one-time opportunity to take her property from the apartment at a later date, in the presence of a police officer and after agreeing a date with the person affected by domestic violence, he added.

During the period of validity of the order or prohibition, police officers are obliged to check at least three times whether they are respected. For a person’s failure to comply with a ban or order issued by the police, the Code of Petty Offenses provides for imprisonment, restriction of liberty or a fine. (PAP)

author: Anna Jowsa

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