Dominik Kuta, singer, instrumentalist, guitarist of “Czerwone Gitar” is dead

Dominik Kuta, singer, instrumentalist, guitarist of “Czerwone Gitar” is dead

Dominik Kuta, singer, instrumentalist, composer, best known for his cooperation with the band “Czerwone Gitary”, is dead. The information about the artist’s death was confirmed in an interview with PAP by his ex-wife Laura Łącz.

Born on October 5, 1952 in Warsaw, Dominik Kuta made his debut in the mid-1960s in amateur blues bands and collaborated with the Ustka rock group “74 Grupa Biednych”.

In January 1970 he joined the band “Czerwone Gitary”, where he was a vocalist, guitarist, flautist and pianist. At that time, he performed under the pseudonym Dominik Konrad.

During this time, the band prepared new arrangements that were spread over many harmonically matched instruments. It was with the thought of using Kuta’s capabilities as a multi-instrumentalist that the group prepared a more ambitious repertoire, which appeared on the album “Na fujarce”. The artist also appeared on the album of the band “Warszawa”.

Kuta was a member of the band until December 1970. For 12 months he toured with the band in Poland and abroad. He also performed at the festival in Opole (1970).

Later, he started a short-term cooperation with the Warsaw band Capella, then with the Quorum group.

In 1971, together with Piotr Buldeski and Marek Migdalski, he formed the folk-rock group “Pastor’s Family” at the ZAKR Song Club in the Bristol Hotel in Warsaw. The composition of the band was supplemented by singers: Maria Figiel, and from January 1972 Zofia Borca. Thanks to the performances in Bristol, “Pastor’s Family” won the recognition of fans. In 1971–1972 she recorded for Polish Television and Polish Radio. The song “And when a boulder flies” got on the charts and was often broadcast on Polish Radio.

In the years 1972-1975, the musician collaborated with “Bractwo Kurkowy 1791” – he played guitars (6 and 12 strings), banjo, flute, harmonica and sang. He was a co-author of the shows “Juz Gwiazdeczka się kolebie” and “Życie, Miłość, Folk” (fragments of both performances were released on CDs). He is the composer of the works “An Extraordinary Night” and “Theatre of Life”.

In 1973, he performed with “Bractwo Kurkowy” at the 11th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, where the song “Koleiny” was awarded, and at the 7th Festival of Soldier’s Song in Kołobrzeg, where the band won the Silver Ring for the song “In the army is not bad” . In addition, in 1973–1974, the group performed out of competition at the 13th International Song Festival in Sopot, the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin and the Fashion Festival in Gdańsk, where the group received the Gold Medal for the “Music and Fashion” program and three times in USSR.

The artist’s individual success was winning the 3rd prize for the composition “There I find you homeland” (music by D. Kuta, lyrics by G. Walczak), ex aequo with the authors of the song “Really worth it” (music by S. Krajewski, lyrics by K. Winkler ) in a two-stage competition (open and closed) for a youth song, announced by the Federation of Socialist Unions of Polish Youth in 1976 (the jury decided not to award the 1st and 2nd prizes).

Kuta also performed with Maciej Kubicki (ex-Eden and Breakout) in the Lapidarium Band. On October 23, 2020, GAD Records released the album entitled. “Let’s run into the sun” with preserved television and radio recordings of “Pastor’s Family” from 1971-1972.

Laura Łącz was the wife of Dominik Kuta in the 70s. They got married in 1972. The coverage of the ceremony was shown in “Dziennik Television”. Their marriage lasted 10 years. (PAP)

author: Katarzyna Krzykowska

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