Donald Tusk: Mateusz, you let yourself be pushed around, at least start being prime minister for the last few months

You let Mateusz push you around, at least start being prime minister for the last few months; at least in the final, show that you have … something, and behave like a prime minister – the PO leader Donald Tusk addressed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday, referring to his relationship with Zbigniew Ziobro.

During the meeting in Lidzbark Warmiński, Donald Tusk referred to the interview of Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro for “Do Rzeczy”, in which he essed that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made a mistake in all the most important EU decisions and as a result of the Prime Minister’s consent to the EU conditionality mechanism and KPO, Poland will gradually lose sovereignty. In response, the prime minister emphasized that he was reminded of the proverb: “a cow that moans a lot gives little milk.” “Every time I listen to or read the words of the Minister of Justice of this type, I am reminded of the accuracy of this proverb,” ​​Morawiecki added.

Commenting on this exchange, Tusk essed that he felt relieved of the “duty” to constantly criticize PiS, because the rulers took it upon themselves and “jumped at each other’s throats.” “When the day approaches, when they begin to feel, see through people’s eyes, that there is something in the air, that their power ends, their advantage ends, they begin to steal twice in order to secure their future and secondly they start jumping at each other’s throats. They lose their nerves,” said the head of the PO.

“When I hear from Mateusz Morawiecki that nothing has come out of the reform of the judiciary, and in response Ziobro says that he invites the prime minister for a debate, I think: Mateusz, at least for the last few months, start being prime minister” – he addressed the head leader of the government.

“On behalf of all former and future prime ministers of the Republic of Poland, I am addressing the one who has been pretending to be prime minister for six years: this is humiliating. Prime Minister in the Polish system really means something. According to our constitution, the prime minister is the one who makes decisions,” Tusk pointed out.

“You let Mateusz, your ministers push you around, they say the strangest things about you, very sad. If you are incapable of making any decision regarding the ministers you claim are completely useless, that they are like cows that do not give milk and who still insult you every dish, then at least in this finale and so sad and unpleasant, show that you have … something, and behave like a prime minister,” appealed the PO leader to the head of the government.

Tusk also referred to the current situation of women in Poland. He essed that “this power does not like women.” “Although Polish women do not like this power, Polish women have shown in recent years that they are ready to move forward” – he said.

He announced that there would be parity on KO electoral lists. He stressed that he would ensure that the lists were kept in the “correct, healthy half-and-half proportions.” “Polish women deserve the highest recognition, the highest respect and, finally, serious treatment of the issue of equality of rights and equality of duties,” he declared.

“It is time to say clearly and loudly: women have the right to decide about their fate to a much greater extent than it is in Poland today. Women have the right to full respect for their daily efforts. Women must have the right to participate in public life to a much greater extent than today, he added. (PAP)

Author: Daria Kania, Joanna Kiewisz-Wojciechowska


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