Donate your car for the benefit of the most disadvantaged

Created in 2005, the Autos du cœur ociation collects vehicles throughout France through its 80 volunteers. Yuri Arcurs/ –

FIGARO DEMAIN – Platforms allow vehicles to be given a second life in exchange for a tax deduction for donors.

Between 2010 and 2021, the amount of donations declared to the tax services by individuals was multiplied by two. This also works for the car. Rather than trying to sell it, French people who wish to part with their vehicle can benefit the 13.3 million French people by “situation of precarious mobility“. Created in 2005, the Autos du cœur ociation collects vehicles throughout France through its 80 volunteers. The beneficiaries, identified through social workers, can be workers in precarious situations, over-indebted households, single mothers, young people or even retirees.

This donation to this recognized ociation of general interest allows them to benefit from a tax deduction equivalent to 66% of the value of their vehiclebased on “the raw rating of the Centrale or the Argus rating”, explains Gérard Blottière, president of the ociation. Another advantage is that the donor has no responsibility for the sale. “We ume everything”, adds the manager, also mentioning that the ociation provides a three-month guarantee for the beneficiaries of the approximately 200 automobiles donated each year. Although the figure may still seem anecdotal, the idea is gaining ground. “It’s more difficult with the crisisthe rise in second-hand prices and the decline in purchases of new cars” notes Gérard Blottiere who took over the ociation three years ago.

In 2024, it hopes to be able to allocate around 300 vehicles. The prerequisites for being able to transfer your vehicle: having a technical inspection dated less than 24 months and a mileage of less than 150,000 km for gasoline engines (200,000 km for diesels). Before being sold, each vehicle is refurbished by a garage, with an up-to-date technical inspection and complete cleaning, in order to deliver a clean and safe vehicle at prices ranging between €2,600 and €6,000. Another platform has just launched in 2021, Created by Roole and Solidarauto, it has recorded, since December 2022, 432 donation proposals.

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