Don’t let the opportunists pass – Mehmet Serbes

Don’t let the opportunists pass – Mehmet Serbes

Mehmet Serbes

The traces of the great disaster caused by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake, which stifled Turkey in the morning of Monday, February 6, are still felt deeply. Efforts are being made to heal the wounds of those injured by the earthquake. However, the number of those who want to turn such days into opportunities is increasing rapidly.

I don’t know what to say to these, how to describe them, but I feel like saying “opportunists”.

Because expressing it otherwise does not cut me off.

I will show you the photo. Flash it before your eyes like a film strip.

A family whose house was severely or moderately damaged in the earthquake. He’s out. He has been unable to take a bath or sleep properly for days.
If it weren’t for the food given by the benefactors or the municipalities, they would starve. They also do not have the opportunity to live again in their homes. Nothing in hand.

It is a fact that it will not work like that. He dreams of moving to a house that he will take away from his damaged house and keep it for rent. Of course, in order to get his things, he must first move them. He is looking for a shipping company right now. He makes a deal with a company he finds. House moving fees, which used to be 3-4 thousand liras on average, have been a dream. The voice on the other side of the phone has already opened its mouth for 10-15 thousand liras. Negotiations are made, but the shipper has no intention of reducing the price. It is almost as if it acts with the understanding of “my brother if it works for you”.

Desperately accepts the price quoted by the earthquake victim. But meanwhile, he is thinking about how to get the desired figure. The men come to the given address. The items are on the 12th floor. The building is moderately damaged. The carrier’s mouth suddenly changes.

Now bro we told you a price but it’s too risky for us to enter this building. You will give another 5 thousand liras. Otherwise, we will not enter the house.

The earthquake victim is already devastated. He is in a position to do whatever is asked of him. He accepts desperately, otherwise there is no possibility to buy new furniture in a house where he can stick his head.

I think you could more or less imagine the scenery. These bloodsuckers are not only in the shipping business, but there are also those who sell blankets, tents, and even a bowl of soup at a much higher price. We witnessed all of these, we had to shop with all of them in some way.

Shout out to all the authorities here. Please get ahead of these opportunists. Please give the heaviest punishment to these human scumbags, who are trying to take advantage of their desperation, who put these people, who were groaning under the rubble of the earthquake, to hardship for the sake of earning three cents more.

Tighten controls. Expose these opportunists to everyone. Everyone should recognize these dirty faces and not knock on their door again. In fact, they should never do these things again.

Let it be blocked.

Let the difference between companies that do their job well, that try to help the earthquake victims more, even make a discount than their normal earnings, and say that they will buy it later if the earthquake victim does not have money.

So, who is opportunistic and who is helpful in such days? The more people think, the more blood comes to their brain, and they want to spit on these people.

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