Don’t want to do politics of vengeance, want development: Sharif said on returning from self-exile

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who returned home on Saturday after spending four years in self-exile, said that he does not wish to do politics of vengeance, but he wants to take the country out of the difficult economic situation and take it back on the path of development. . Addressing a mive rally at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, 73-year-old Sharif, president of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), lamented the poor economic condition of the country and pledged to make Pakistan a developed country. He said, “I have no desire for revenge, Nawaz Sharif only wants the welfare of the people.” Sharif said that if Pakistan had been taken forward on its 1990 economic model, not a single person would have been unemployed and There is no such thing as poverty in the country.

Sharif said, “But today the situation is so bad that one has to think whether they will be able to feed their children or pay the electricity bill.” He said, “Is that why you threw me out? We were making Pakistan an ‘Asian Tiger’, we want to take Pakistan to G20.” The three-time Prime Minister of Pakistan said that a plan is needed to end the difficulties of the people of the country. “We need to start a new journey,” he said. We have to decide how we have to regain our lost ground, how we have to run at double the speed, how we have to give up the begging bowl forever, how we have to stand on our feet… how we have to Make a strong foreign policy on the issue, and we will have to build good relations with the world.” Without naming India, he said, ”We cannot progress by fighting with our neighbours.

We have to adopt an effective foreign policy, maintain good relations with our neighbors because without this the country cannot progress. Sharif said that if East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) had not been separated then there would have been no conflict between East and West Pakistan today. There would have been an economic corridor. Analysts say Sharif, who is being considered by the strong military establishment as Pakistan’s next prime minister, has made a “policy statement on restoring ties with India”. According to the news of Dawn newspaper, Sharif said that he never betrayed his supporters nor did he shy away from making any kind of sacrifice. He said, “Today I am meeting you after many years, but my love relationship with all of you remains the same.”

There has been no change in this relationship.” Before the rally, his brother and former Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N supremo was coming back to unite and bring Pakistan back on track. “My leader Nawaz Sharif will be with you today, Inshallah,” he posted on X. He is coming back to unite this country, not divide it further. He is coming back to spread not hatred but love among his people.” Addressing the crowd at Minar-e-Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif said, ”I am in front of you today after many years, but my The relationship of love with you is the same. There has been no difference in this relationship.” This is the same place where the All India Muslim League ped the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940, the first official call for a separate and independent country for the Muslims of British India.

Sharif said, “I am proud of the love I see in your eyes.” Sharif said that seeing the love of the people, he has forgotten the past. Sharif said his wounds would take time to heal but said, “I have no desire for revenge, Nawaz Sharif only wants the well-being of the people.” His comments ume significance given that his main rival Imran Khan is in jail. And he is facing more than 150 cases. Sharif, in a way, declared his daughter Maryam as his political successor and said, I am the son of this soil, Maryam is the daughter of this soil. 49-year-old Maryam is the vice-president of PML-N. Sharif arrived about two hours late from the declared time of 5:30 pm. By that time, Maryam had been present on the stage for more than an hour and the eager crowd joined her in chanting slogans in favor of their leader. Maryam, wearing a chunni on her head and brown colored salwar kameez, was giving a speech like an experienced political leader. “I thought Minar-e-Pakistan was a huge venue, but I never thought it would become small for PML-N supporters,” he said.

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