Doping: after two years of exclusion, WADA looks into the case of Rusada

Giant of world sport punished for a cascade of cheating, Russia had been excluded for two years from major international competitions in December 2020 by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

During a press conference at the agency’s headquarters in Montreal, Witold Banka however specified that the end of the exclusion, on December 17, was not synonymous with automatic reinstatement for Russia.

“The reintegration process does not end on December 17, in fact, the process only begins on this datesaid Witold Banka, who spoke of a long three-phase process. Trust in Russia’s anti-doping system is still very low. They have a lot of work to do to restore that trust. »

“Checking means checking, not just taking someone’s word”

After December 17, WADA will begin by “carefully” assessing whether Rusada has met all of the conditions for reinstatement set out in the CAS decision. Second, when WADA management considers that all conditions have been met, it will refer the matter to the Independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) for review. Finally, the WADA Executive Committee will have to decide.

“We will have to check each of the reinstatement conditions and checking means checking, not just taking someone’s word for it.hammered Witold Banka. We also continue to support the recommendation of the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee to prevent Russian participation in the international sports scene. »

On an unprecedented scale in sports history, the Russian dispute has been going on since 2010, involves the secret services and the Russian Ministry of Sports, and has fueled tensions between Moscow and sports bodies perceived as instruments of Western domination. However, despite the banishment of Russia, its athletes were able to compete under a neutral banner.

“The anti-doping system still needs to be strengthenedalso pleaded Witold Banka at the dawn of his new mandate, which will begin in January 2023, just like that of Vice-President Yang Yang. There are still regions and countries that have a weak anti-doping system or clearly need improvement. »

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