doubts about the future Franco-German tank

A Leopard 2 tank from the German arms manufacturer KMW, involved in the alternative project to that of the Franco-German MGCS program. PETER KNEFFEL/dpa Picture Alliance via AFP

A competing project could see the light of day, ociating German, Swedish and Italian manufacturers.

The future Franco-German tank was bogged down in untangleable industrial debates. Despite a clear political will, the draft MGCS (Main Ground Combat System), supposed to succeed the Leclerc by 2040, but also to the German Leopard 2, still seems threatened. While the Minister for the Armed Forces, Sebastien Lecornuplanned to receive his counterpart Boris Pistorius on September 22 at the Evreux air base, there are fears within the military community that the Germans KMW and Rheinmetall will seek to oust the French Nexter of the project. The three formed the KNDS consortium.

But Rheinmetall and Nexter are in direct competition in certain segments, such as armaments. Compounding this complexity is a rivalry in Germany between KMW and Rheinmetall, both of which seek tank leadership. Negotiations on the MGCS are laborious and there is indeed room for doubt about its future.

An article from the German business daily Handelsblatt Wednesday sparked a…

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