Drama in Trappes, Netflix, Tariq Ramadan acquitted: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

A six-year-old girl died Tuesday evening in Trappes (Yvelines) after being hit by a car whose driver tested positive for narcotics. Aged 21, she was arrested and placed in police custody for manslaughter aggravated by the use of narcotics. Unknown to the police, she was on a probationary license.

According to our information, the little girl would have fallen on her bike while trying to leave the sidewalk to go on the road. In the stationary 207, the driver of the vehicle was talking with her penger. According to initial findings, the two women would not have seen the little girl on the ground. When the driver started, she would have rolled over the young victim thinking she had hit the sidewalk.

What else to remember

  • A minute of silence in all hospitals. A touching moment of silence was respected this Wednesday, at noon, in all hospitals in France in tribute to Mezino hull, 37, attacked with a knife on Monday at the start of the afternoon, and died during the night of Monday to Tuesday. Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne and Minister of Health François Braun went to the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris for this tribute. “Today, the entire healthcare community is in mourning and our whole country is heartbroken,” said the Prime Minister. Currently in custody for murder, the author of the deadly attack committed Monday at the CHU de Reims (Marne) had already injured four employees of a center for help through work six years ago in the Marne. He was medically monitored.
  • Tariq Ramadan acquitted of in Switzerland. The Swiss Islamologist Tariq Ramadan, accused of raping a woman in 2008been acquitted on Wednesday at the Geneva Criminal Court. The complainant, “Brigitte”, 57, who chose this pseudonym to protect herself from threats, ures that he subjected her to rough acts accompanied by blows and insults in the room of the Geneva hotel where he was staying, the night of October 28, 2008. Tariq Ramadan, 60 years old, ensures for his part that it was she who invited herself into his room.
  • Netflix will block account sharing. Netflix announced on Tuesday evening that users in the United States, France and around 100 other countries around the world will now have to pay extra to share their access codes serving with people who are not members of their household, as part of its strategy to diversify its income. “More than 100 million households share their accounts, which affects our ability to invest in great movies and TV series,” Netflix said in a statement in February. For any new user, subscribers will have to pay €5.99/month. An announcement that has annoyed many members.
  • Damien Abad’s parliamentary immunity lifted. The parliamentary immunity of Damien Abad been lifted this wednesday. Targeted by charges, the former Minister of Solidarity said last week in a press release “to wish to be heard by justice like any other citizen and this, under any regime whatsoever”. Immunity protects parliamentarians from any coercive measure – police custody or judicial review – except for a crime, flagrant offense or final conviction, but does not prevent indictments.

it concerns you

In Paris, 12,138 burglaries were recorded in 2022. If the capital is well above the national average for 1000 dwellings, certain districts and certain streets are much more affected than others. For the first time, the Ministry of the Interior and INSEE are publishing an in-depth study of the most robbed neighborhoods in the capital. So we can find out in very specific areas, to within 200m, the average number of burglaries.

Paris therefore knows great disparities in this type of crime. In an area bounded by the Palais du Louvre to the West, the Île Saint-Louis to the East and stretching from Les Halles to the North to Saint-Sulpice to the South, the most robbed areas of the capital, with more than 16 burglaries per 1,000 homes. District by district, here the most affected areas.

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