, alcohol… MP Caroline Janvier denounces “deviant behavior” in politics

Open secret or taboo? The Joël Guerriau affair, accused of having drugged MP Sandrine Josso without her knowledge, had brought the subject to the forefront. During an interview given to Paris Match, Caroline January has placed the use of narcotics among politicians at the heart of the debate for good. MP Renaissance speaks of “evenings where are circulating” or “ends of parliamentary sessions where there is excessive alcohol consumption”.

Caroline Janvier is a member of the presidential party.
Caroline Janvier is a member of the presidential party.

The member of the office of the National embly first praised “the great courage to speak” of Sandrine Josso. “Politics creates deviant behavior,” then ures Caroline Janvier. According to her, it is a question of analyzing the excessive use of narcotics among politicians “as a system, without excusing anything”.

“You take something to hold on”

She explains that she herself drank several drinks a day and smoked a lot before stopping everything. “The night sessions, which make no sense, with the pace of life, the pressure of the agenda, the media with whom we have no room for error,” she explains. Either you have an excellent lifestyle or you take something to keep you going. »

However, there would be “no more vices in the embly than elsewhere”, adds the elected official from Loiret. According to her, these “addictive practices” also concern ministers, subjected to “an unimaginable level of pressure”. Caroline Janvier says she interacts with some of them, “with empathy”. She does not want to “discredit” her peers: “The excesses are the symptom of excessive commitment. »

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