dubbing goes to war against artificial intelligence

By Jacques Pessis



Peter Falk with Serge Sauvion, the actor who dubbed his voice in the series Colombo. PIERRE VERDY

There are nearly 6,000 actresses and actors in France who make a living from dubbing, but today they speak with one voice. They have become aware that their professional future is threatened by the development of artificial intelligence.

Just a few weeks ago, LESVOIX.fr, an ociation bringing together 250 actresses and comedians specializing in this universe has launched an alert for “voice theft”. She ped on the message to all the professionals who work in this universe, but also in those of advertising, documentaries, television, video games and audio books.

The affair began when an actress consulted the leaders of this ociation, in order to obtain an informed opinion on a paragraph discreetly added, for the first time, at the end of the traditional contract for a dubbing session. He was asked for his gracious agreement for any form of use of this recording. The response from lawyers was almost immediate: this clause is illegal in France, in contradiction with moral rights, property rights and laws on the protection of intellectual property and personal data.

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Convinced that this was not an isolated case, members…

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