Duet Mina Blanco: after Sanremo the singer seeks redemption

Duet Mina Blanco: after Sanremo the singer seeks redemption

Filed the scene in Sanremo, Blanco is ready to return with a new album. After The island of roses, the first single from the new album, comes a duet with Mina. A real redemption for the singer-songwriter from Cavalgese della Riviera, a small town of three thousand souls in the Brescia area, after the troubles in Sanremo for what has now gone down in history as the massacre of the roses. But Blanco kicking flowers on the Ariston stage after a technical problem is now a distant memory.

Virtually nothing is known about the new single (apart from the fact that it could speak of joy, perhaps Joy could be the title), but Fiorello on VivaRai2 takes it for granted. Almost. The piece should be released on April 14, and is said to be being worked on between Lugano and Milan, where Michelangelo – Blanco’s historic producer who co-signed the piece – is at work on the finishing touches.

The song should be included in the new project, which follows the great success of Heavenly Blue, a disc that did not contain any duets and which highlighted all the talent of the young singer-songwriter. But Mina liked the piece so much, that it should also be present in the next album of unreleased songs by the Tigre di Cremona, which comes five years after the last work Maeba.

It seems that the proposal to collaborate came from Blanco himself, who probably knew he had a good chance of success. In fact, last year, Mina’s son, Massimiliano Pani, had told on the radio that her mother, following the Festival, had been struck by Chills. “His favorite song? That of Mahmood and Blanco, which I also liked very much », commented Pani.

It’s not the first time that Mina has interpreted songs that come out of her repertoire. You go from Manuel Agnelli to Max Casacci, from Boosta dei Subsonica to Piero Pelù up to Mondo Marco. The latter went even further, making a record with samples of the successes of the Tiger of Cremona (from which he received the blessing and compliments).

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