Duration, salary, exotic temptations… why is Messi’s extension slipping at PSG?

Arrived in 2021 at Paris Saint-Germain, Lionel Messi is at the end of this contract at the end of the season. The two parties then struggle to agree on a possible extension.

the Paris Saint Germain will he keep his world champion for another year? Arrived in the summer of 2021, Lionel Messi is at the end of the contract at the end of the season, even if an optional year was integrated into the latter. Since January 1, the Argentinian striker has been free to join the club he wants for next season.

And Lionel Messi hesitates. To believe The Team , the discussions between Paris Saint-Germain and their No. 30, which began many weeks ago, are slipping. On this one, the champion club of France took the lead very early in the season. Incessant exchanges since October and even during the last World Cup.

The United States and Saudi Arabia make eyes at Messi

Only, “La Pulga” would always be in full hesitation. The club and the player are unable – for the moment – to reach an agreement on the duration of this extension and the new salary of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or.

Finally, other clubs would try to steal Lionel Messi from Paris. And the Argentinian would not necessarily be insensitive to it. Even if the former Barcelonnais seems to favor an ambitious project for next season, he who would like to stay in shape for the selection, he could leave Europe this summer.

Inter Miami would make many foot calls to “La Pulga”, as would Saudi Arabia. The country of the Emirates would be ready to splurge to attract Leo Messi, to recreate its legendary rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo. As in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain has serious competitors on this issue.

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