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Two men, two functions. The Economist Jean Pisani Ferry outlines the horizon in a report, that of the impact of climate change on the economy: dark. That same day, behind the scenes, Antoine Pellion, Secretary General for Ecological Planning, describes the path that could help to clarify it.

The two have the same word in mind that they never utter. Retreats. Repellent word; they will do the opposite. At least pension reform will it have served for that, for defining a counter-method?

Cash, cold shower style

When he describes the upheavals to come, for the industry as well as for the citizens that we are, Jean Pisani-Ferry does not go into circumlocutions. There goes cash, cold shower way. It does what the COR failed to do on pensions. It prepares the minds, engages this famous “pedagogy” which has been so lacking. He says shock and urgency.

When he presents the ecological planning led by the Prime Minister, Antoine Pellion only has the word “collective” in his mouth. “It’s a job that’s not top-down. Not all actions are state related. “The actors are our friends, mean Elisabeth Borne and Minister Christophe Béchu when they highlight the National Council for Ecological Transition (CNTE). It’s beautiful as the end of Jupiterism. Provided of course that the actors play the game. But for that, there is a secret weapon.

… Or rather tables and graphs, all in batteries and in color, which carry a message: the load is shared. Companies will be responsible for more than 50% of the effort, individuals and communities will share the rest.


“It’s always on the same people that it falls,” gritted the demonstrators against pensions. “We ask a little from the little ones and a lot from the big ones”, now professes Matignon. But not too much either since there can be no question of a wealth tax, even exceptional. Pisani-Ferry can be contradicted.

The state fixes the great mes; the concrete actions to achieve them are negotiable and revisable. The process is intended to be “living”, “nourished” by the base, the only way to get the country on board for “radical decisions”. And when the new method is not ured of success, it may be good for a third man to intervene.

Almost fell from the sky. On France 2 in Cannes, the American actor Harrison Ford gets carried away. “If we don’t shake our butts now, we’re going to lose this planet,” he said. On social networks, the “capsule” is all the rage. The eternal activist keeps retirement at a distance. Him too.

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