Ecuador will play the World Cup well, Chile still dismissed on appeal

Ecuador will play well in the next World Cup in the group of the Netherlands, Senegal and Qatar, the host country which it will face in the opening match on November 20. FIFA has indeed rejected on appeal, as it had at first instance, Chile's complaint about the eligibility of Ecuadorian Byron Castillo.

“Among other considerations, it appeared on the basis of the documents presented that the player was considered to have always had Ecuadorian nationality”FIFA said in a statement.

Byron Castillo had appeared in eight matches with the Ecuadorian selection in the context of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. Chile, who finished seventh in the Amsud zone, had filed a complaint concerning “the possible falsification of documents granting Ecuadorian nationality” to the player and hoped that Ecuador would be sanctioned. Dismissed in June, he appealed to the FIFA Appeals Committee, which therefore confirmed the opinion.

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