Eddy de Pretto, personality of the year for the magazine “Têtu”

Eddy de Pretto triumphs at the Olympia! The 30-year-old singer was, for once, not on stage to perform his hits but to receive the personality of the year award, on the occasion of the first award ceremony of the magazine “Têtu”. For the occasion, the artist also makes the front page of the magazine’s back-to-school issue.

The “Têtu” jury wished to crown “his contribution to queer culture as an openly gay artist but also his commitment to the LGBTQI community” according to the review. The magazine cites several actions of Eddy de Pretto during the year which earned him this prize “for example when he gave his voice to a Mediapart documentary on the scourge of phobic ambushes or when, last December , he wins a lawsuit against his harers, spearheading a generation fighting against digital persecution. »

Nicky Doll, Readers’ Choice Award

The interpreter of “Kid”, who has made his ity one of his favorite themes in his songs, released a new single at the end of August. In “R+V”, he pays homage to gay icons like “Rimbaud, Verlaine, Elton, Genet, RuPaul, Frank, Freddie, Warhol”, which he lists in his lyrics.

Among the other award-winning personalities at this ceremony, we find in particular Drag Race France presenter Nicky Doll who received the readers’ award. Finally, a “Têtu d’honneur” was awarded to Pierre and Gilles, the famous couple of visual artists, while Santa, the singer of the group Hyphen Hyphen, was elected “revelation of the year”.

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