Edin Terzic (Dortmund): “Confidence will not make us win”

Edin Terzic (Dortmund): “Confidence will not make us win”

When Edin Terzic appeared at a press conference on Monday, on the eve of Borussia Dortmund’s move to Chelsea (1-0 win to go), counting for the round of 16 second leg of the Champions League, he had a point to settle with the journalists: “ We know the media is always looking for issues and portraying issues. And we sit down and try to find solutions. And that’s what we did during the World Cup break. »

Result: since the resumption, that is to say on January 22, 2023 in the Bundesliga, the Ruhr club has simply imposed itself ten times in a row in as many matches, championship and C1 combined. “We talked a lot during the winter break and said to ourselves: ‘hey, we have to do better’, because we weren’t happy with the first part of the season. We were 6th in the Bundesliga and we weren’t playing as well,” added Emre Can, Turkish defensive midfielder from Borussia, and a major player in this revival.

However, his 41-year-old coach, who has already had a Champions League quarter-final in 2021, tried to prevent any excitement on the part of his players: “ Mnow we are getting results. The results give us some confidence, that’s for sure. But trust won’t win us tomorrow’s game (Tuesday). She might help us out a few times, but she won’t win the game. »

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