Editions du Seuil are opening up to ever more mainstream genre literature

The house founded in 1935 intends to publish more thrillers, detective novels, spy novels, fantasy novels, sci-fi novels, and romances.

THE Editions du Seuil announced Tuesday the creation of a new “label” to publish novels that do not currently have a place in their collections, such as romance or science fiction. Le Seuil, owned by the Média-Participations group, has the image of a demanding publisher, which misses out on certain more popular bookstore phenomena.

In a message to his colleagues consulted by AFP, its president Hugues Jallon announced the creation of a “space dedicated to mainstream genre literature“. According to him, he “will allow Editions du Seuil to complete their editorial offering and develop in areas which today represent a significant share of the market“. He cited a multitude of genres that could fit into these collections: “thriller, detective, espionage, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, historical saga, etc.“.

This label will eventually publish around fifteen titles per year. The first books are planned for the second half of next year», added Hugues Jallon. The management of this division has been entrusted to Glenn Tavennec, publisher who is leaving a competitor, Robert Laffont editions.

Editions du Seuil, founded by Catholic publishers in 1935, today publish writers such as Édouard Louis, Chloé Delaume, David Diop, Philippe Delerm, Lydie Salvayre and Régis Jauffret.

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