Education: the government announces measures to strengthen writing skills at school

Abolition of “blank texts”, writing test at entry into 6th grade, writing competition… The Minister of National Education Gabriel Attal presented this Friday measures to improve writing skills among the students, a “republican emergency” according to him.

“We have a duty of excellence and excellence,” he says in a column published by Le Monde. Gabriel Attal believes “in the strengths of the written word” and deplores a “drop in level” : “Nearly one in three students cannot read or write properly when they enter 6th grade.”

At the end of August, ahead of his first return to school in his new ministerial clothes, Gabriel Attal had already said that he wanted to “put the emphasis on fundamental knowledge” and had promised a “clash of knowledge” at school. To do this, he announced that two hours would be devoted each day to learning and practicing reading in CP, and that cm2 students should produce “at least one written text” each week.

“We must do better”

“We must do more and we must do better,” he insisted this Friday in the national daily, before listing a new series of measures that he would like to see developed or put in place in schools, colleges or high schools. We must therefore “abolish blank texts in middle school and middle school learning,” recommends the minister, expected this Friday morning in a middle school and a primary school in Eure-et-Loir to detail these announcements.

Gabriel Attal also wants the “national essments”, which concern all students entering 6th grade, to include a “writing test”, in addition to reading, not to “sanction weaknesses”, but to ” detect the weaknesses of some and the talents of others. Finally, he wishes to create “starting this year” a “double major national writing competition”: one for students at the end of primary school and at the end of middle school, the other for… teachers, “whose talent, creativity deserve to be better recognized and shared.”

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