Edwy Plenel announces that he will leave the presidency of Mediapart on March 14

By Carla Lead

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The co-founder of the information site made this announcement on France Inter. However, he will continue to write for Médiapart.

Co-founder of the investigative site and director of publication, Edwy Plenel announced that he was leaving the presidency of Mediapart in mid-March, during the show “Sensitive Matters” from France Inter.

“It’s normal: it’s an orderly handover”explains the journalist at Fabrice Drouelle’s microphone. “The Mediapart team is between 25 and 45 years old, I am 71, it is normal that it lives independently of us”he adds.

From 2017, the former editorial director of World had announced that he wished to withdraw from the presidency of the site “before he turns 70” and before the 2022 presidential election. He is now 71.

He remains a journalist for the site

However, Edwy Plenel ures that he will continue to write and investigate for the site, which has more than 210,000 subscribers. “I will continue to be present through my pen, but I will no longer be the legal manager, the boss of the company”.

Director of publication and president of Médiapart since 2008, the journalist continued to regularly write articles, columns and books. “You will know the name of my successor in mid-March”he indicated.

Médiapart has already started to hand over the reins to a new generation. Directed for ten years by François Bonnet, the editorial staff has been supervised by a duo since 2018. This role of editorial director has been carried out since 2023 by Lénaïg Bredoux and Valentine Oberti.

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