Edwy Plenel reacts to Maïwenn’s admission of aggression in “Daily”

By Cecile Brelot



Edwy Plenel comes out of silence after Maïwenn’s interview in “Quotidien” on TMC. Villette Pierrick/ABACA / Niviere David/ABACA.

Last Wednesday, the director of Jeanne du Barrythe opening film of Cannes, admitted to having physically attacked the founder of Mediapart.

“She made a move to please her world and that’s why she bragged about it on TV”said yesterday Edwy Plenel to the American magazine Variety. The founder of Mediapart came out of silence, a week after the confessions of Maiwenn in “Daily”.

The director, whose film Jeanne du Barry opened the Cannes film festival tuesday, recognized hilarious face Yann Barthes aulting the journalist without giving further details. “Now is not the time to talk about it, I am very anxious about the release of my film”, she justified in the talk show of TMC. A provocative attitude which has not gone unnoticed by the principal concerned who perceives “a form of pride”.

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Edwy Plenel returned to this attack for which he filed a complaint on March 7. At the exit of a restaurant, the filmmaker would have grabbed him by the hair before spitting in his face. An attack that deeply “traumatized” the editor especially that he “did not know Maïwenn and that he had never met her”. “I would have been unable to recognize her, which is why her attack created more amazement than anything else”he explained.

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“Maïwenn wanted to take her revenge”

The latter publicly claims that this attack was motivated by a succession of Mediapart articles on accusations of against the director Luc Bessonex-husband of Maïwenn and father of her daughter. “During our investigation of Besson, we also published the report of his exchanges with the police. She recounted her complicated relationship with the filmmaker, especially during their separation.he revealed while affirming “However, he had never received any messages, calls or emails from him when the article was published five years ago“.

“This means that all this time, Maïwenn wanted to take her revenge“, presumed the editor-in-chief. For Edwy Plenel, this attack is not only against his person but “of the symbol he represents as founder and director of a newspaper which, in France, was the precursor of all the #MeToo revelations”.

The journalist describes Maïwenn as a woman “openly anti-#MeToo”. Words that are not without echoing the statements of the director published in Paris Match in 2020. “It’s crazy how much bullshit you can say these days! These women do not like men, it is clear and they cause serious collateral damage., she confided before sending a message to the women: “When I hear you say that men are only interested in your butt, I advise you to take advantage of it because it will not last!”

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Edwy Plenel revealed that initially he did not intend to file a complaint and was only waiting for an apology. A quick wish “denied” by Maiwenn. “She could have solved the problem in an honorable way. We decided to file a complaint on principle.he explained before justifying his choice. “We cannot allow someone, just because they come from a privileged or artistic background, to attack a publication director for their content”reaffirmed Plenel. “There is no impunity even if it does not risk much”he concluded.

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