Electricity prices, end of coal, cars… what to remember from Emmanuel Macron’s speech on ecological planning

The President of the Republic spoke this Monday from the Élysée, at the end of the second Ecological Planning Council.

A highly anticipated speech. After meeting this Monday, for the second time, the Ecological Planning Council created after his re-election, Emmanuel Macron outlined the broad outlines of the ecological planning». A roadmap postponed many times, whose stated objective is to achieve a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Here is what to remember from the President of the Republic’s announcements .

Building a “French ecology“, “neither denial nor cure”

This is the key word of the Head of State, after more than “fourteen months of work and consultations» particularly within the framework of the National Refoundation Councils (CNR). From the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron hammered home his commitment to “building a French-style ecology”which according to him involves a response to a “triple challenge”: climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and what he called “the end of abundance and scarcity of resources”.

This “French ecology” rests “on a few simple principles», explained the head of state. This is notably “an ecology based on science». “It is neither an ecology of denial nor of cure», Specified the president. “It is a sovereign ecology“, he also added, since decarbonization “will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, energies that we do not produce“.

Macron wants to get out of coal by 2027

He had already announced it on Sunday evening on the set of TF1 and France 2. From the Élysée, Emmanuel Macron once again establishes the exit from coal as a “priority” by 2027 with the closure of the last two power plants in the country. The Head of State announced that, “under this mandate”France was going “to be completely out of coal for the production of our electricity”. Hexagon will then be “in advance” on the date of 2030 set by the IPCC, he welcomed.

Resuming control of electricity prices»

Ecological planning must enable France and Europe to gain in “competitiveness», insisted the President. To do this, he recalled the law “Green industry» recently voted. This “key point» is fundamental for “stand up to China and the United States», defended Emmanuel Macron.

At the foundation of competitiveness, the President of the Republic insisted on “the resumption of control of electricity prices“. “We will be able to announce electricity prices in October which put us in a favorable and competitive situation at European level. We will regain control over electricity prices at French and European level“, he insisted.

One million electric cars produced in France

He had already outlined his ambition on Sunday evening during his television interview. Emmanuel Macron promised that at least “a million electric cars” will be produced in France. To do this, the president is banking on the opening of “four major electric battery factories” from Dunkirk to Douai, allowing “to increase investment” and above all reduce dependence on exporting countries.

The device of “social leasing» presented in November

Supporter of “an accessible and fair ecology», Emmanuel Macron gave details on the timetable for “social leasing” for an electric car. “From November, we will reveal the 100 euro leasing scheme for electric vehicle models“, he announced, specifying that it would only concern “a few tens of thousands of models in 2024“.

The development of the heat pump sector

Regarding housing, the President of the Republic recalled his decision not to ban gas boilers as he had initially committed to doing. “We decided to be on an incentive policy“, did he declare. That is to say, investing in the development of the heat pump sector in France, with a tripling of heat pump production and the training of 30,000 installers. These objectives set by Emmanuel Macron must promote “an ecology that creates economic value“, he insisted.

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