Eleen’s incomprehension in the face of the astonishing essments of “The Voice” coaches

Despite an impressive performance during the blind auditions for season 13 of the TF1 telecrochet, the 28-year-old singer did not manage to convince. Drafted by Camille Lellouche, she nevertheless continued the adventure.

“I’ve done a lot of castings in my life, I think I started when I was 16 and I was never selected. » Eleen is one of the hundred talents selected by the ITV Studios France teams to participate in the blind auditions for season 13 of “The Voice” . After failed castings for “X Factor”, “France has incredible talent” or even “New Star”, her new attempt in “The Voice” was the right one.

“She sings in Beyoncé’s original key, I challenge you to find someone who can do that”Bruno Berberes told us about Eleen during final auditions of “The Voice” made last October at Hocco Studios in Vitry-sur-Seine. That day, the members of the jury like the casting director of the TF1 musical competition were captivated by the resumption of Listen from the 28-year-old artist.

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“We saw your performance but we didn’t see your heart”


But a month later, the same performance left the coaches of “The Voice” unmoved during the blind auditions. “You have enormous talent and a voice but why did you sing Beyoncé? », tried to understand Mika . “Because I feel like people are trying to put me into boxes and not let me express myself”Eleen replied. “This song put you in a box and it becomes very difficult to show who you are”estimated the Lebanese singer.

“Very few people can sing this song like that. You have these qualities. Aim for what your heart wants to say. We saw your performance, bravo for that, but we didn’t see your heart”, added Zazie . “You have extraordinary abilities but it’s you who interests us, not just the abilities”told him Vianney. “So that we don’t look back on her, the level is really very high”ended up realizing Bigflo.

“They will regret not having buzzed”

Fortunately, behind the scenes, Camille Lellouche used his power of repechage to allow Eleen to continue the adventure via the parallel competition of “The Voice Comeback”. “She sang Beyoncé in the original key, there was not a single wrong note, it’s incredible”reacted the fifth coach of the season to the person concerned. “Letting you go like that is impossible. They will regret not having buzzed. »

“That reured me, I’m not crazy. I was convinced I had put my guts in, and no one felt it”Eleen confided to our colleagues at Tele-Leisure . “When they told me there was no emotion, I respected it but, deep down, I didn’t agree. When I got the return of Camille Lellouche , these are the nicest things anyone could say to me. I touched someone and it’s 10,000 times stronger than hearing that I sing well. »

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