Elisabeth Borne announces a 49.3 under the boos

Elisabeth Borne announces a 49.3 under the boos

After a suspension of the session and under the boos of the opposition, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, announced, Thursday, March 16, that she was engaging the responsibility of her government to have the pension reform adopted, by appealing to the 49.3 of the Constitution.

She assured the deputies that the bill was the result of “dense consultations with trade unions, employers’ organizations and parliamentary groups”. “Uncertainty hangs over a few votes” regarding the adoption of the reform, found M.me Thick headed. According to her, “we cannot take the risk of seeing one hundred and seventy-five hours of parliamentary debate collapse, of seeing the compromise built by two assemblies discarded”.

The opposition, union and parliamentary, denounced the use of section 49.3 as soon as the announcement ended.

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