Élisabeth Borne faced with the fragility of given insurance

Élisabeth Borne faced with the fragility of given insurance

At the start of this key week, Elisabeth Borne says she is convinced that there will be no defections in the three majority groups. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

ANALYSIS – In the long process to have her pension reform adopted, the Prime Minister has already had to become disenchanted three times.

Elisabeth Borne does not have the reputation of being naive. Is it so, saying it is convinced of finding a majority on Thursday, The national assemblyto have its pension reform adopted without resorting to the 49.3? Three times, already, during this long process, the Prime Minister must have become disillusioned.

The first time was during consultations with the social partners. Of course, when it came to raising the legal age, Borne knew she would have Lawrence Berger against her. But at least she hoped that the boss of the CFDT gave her public notice that 64 years was still not as brutal as 65. Or that the consultation had allowed some progress demanded by her union. She knew she wouldn’t make him an ally, unlike François Chérèque for Jean-Pierre Raffarin, but she never imagined that he would play this frontal score until he became the de facto boss of social protest. Naive, Borne? Furious, rather. Furious that…

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