Elisabeth Borne receives the unions to try to relaunch social dialogue

The Prime Minister will try to renew the dialogue with the unions by receiving the numbers one of the five confederations bilaterally on Tuesday and Wednesday. The exercise promises to be difficult as the conflict over pensions is not over. After a 1er May which showed a persistent mobilization, a fourteenth day of mobilization is scheduled for June 6 two days before the National embly decides on a bill from the Liot group on 62 years.

In this context, there is no question of risking that the meetings will turn short like last April 5 . Elisabeth Borne takes care to keep a low profile. In an interview with the “JDD” this Sunday, she says she is “convinced that more room must be given to negotiation and social dialogue”. “That’s why I didn’t want to send out a detailed agenda for these meetings: I’m listening to the priorities that the trade unions and employers’ organizations want to put in the discussion,” she explains.

Message received 5 out of 5

A message received 5 out of 5 by the unions which will all come to Matignon, from the CFDT to the CGT via FO, the CFE-CGC and the CFTC. Obligatory page, from the outset, the five will obviously remind Elisabeth Borne of their opposition to the 64-year-olds and the continuation of the conflict. But while they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, everyone is also aware that speaking out for employees’ anger about retirement is not enough to meet their expectations. As much as there was no question At the beginning of April when they saw the Prime Minister together, to talk about something other than 64 years, as much this time, the five have every intention of doing it.

The intersyndicale is working on common proposals but everyone will go with their own demands to their meeting. The topics are many. There are those related to pensions such as the employment of seniors and hardship after the censure of the Constitutional Council . In an interview with “L’Opinion” published at the end of the day on Sunday, Emmanuel Macron confirms that the “provisions which have been censored […] will be part of the negotiation with the unions”.

Regain control

Among the other subjects that the employee organizations have every intention of putting on the table, there is of course that of purchasing power and wages as well as those of the conditionality of the RSA or even health insurance. unemployment, whose rules will have to be discussed again by the end of the year and on which the unions want to regain control of the State.

It will also push very hard on the conditionality of business aid. “It is not possible to have public aid when we lay off, when we do not respect professional equality, when we increase exponentially the dividends and salaries of CEOs and when salaries stagnate”, estimated Sophie Binet pinning Air France or even Sanofi on Sunday noon, to the RTL-LCI-“Le Figaro” Grand Jury.


The 2017 Labor Code reform, which weakened staff representation and social dialogue in companies, will also come under fire from critics. Even if the recent declarations of the Head of State, who had made the latter an emblematic marker of his first five-year term, do not offer many prospects in this area. “The work orders issued six years ago have made it possible to simplify things considerably […] I note with happiness that there are no demonstrations relating to unemployment. No one talks about unemployment anymore,” he said. by presenting its roadmap on reindustrialization THURSDAY.

Does this close any prospect of changes to the 2017 ordinances? The subject is an illustration of the questions shared by the unions. “We are not questioning the Prime Minister’s desire to discuss, but we all have the same question”, notes a union leader: “What real room for maneuver will Elisabeth Borne have? »

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