Ellen Pompeo announces her departure from Grey’s Anatomy after 19 seasons

Ellen Pompeo in October 2021. ABACA

IN PICTURES – The 53-year-old actress and interpreter of Meredith Gray will leave the American series during season 19 currently broadcast across the Atlantic.

She shared the desire for a few years. His wish has now come true. In a message posted on Instagram overnight from Thursday to Friday, Ellen Pompeo announces his departure from Grey’s Anatomy, series of which she was the star since the very first season in 2004, after 19 seasons.

I am eternally gratefule and hhonored by the love and support you have shown Meredith Gray and the show for 19 seasons“, writes the actress who has just celebrated her 53rd birthday. None of this would have been possible without the best fans in the world. You made the ride so fun and iconic“, Continues the one who is also the producer of the series, promising that”the show will go on» and that she will soon return to the front of the stage.

In the comments, another star of the program, Kate Walshthe interpreter of Dr. Addison Montgomery sends him a message: “We will always love you. It’s never a goodbye, just a “see you later” doll“, can we read.

Ellen Pompeo said she was ready to quit Grey’s Anatomy for several years. Less than a year ago, in the columns of the American media Insidershe said “try to convince everyone “. “I have the impression of passing for the very naive girl who always asks “but what story are we going to tell? Where will the story go?” and everyone answers me “we don’t care Ellen, it brings in millions”“, she said.

In an interview given to variety in November 2021, Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, also the origin of The Bridgerton Chronicle on Netflix, had explained that she would be the one who would choose the end date of her series. It remains to be seen whether Grey’s Anatomy will survive the departure of Ellen Pompeo. For the time being, season 19 is broadcast across the Atlantic, with one episode each week and the order for a season 20 has not been announced.

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