Elon Musk: ‘I’ll keep saying what I want even if it costs me money’

The writer David Nasaw is right, who a few days ago – in the New York Times – wrote: “There is no way to escape Elon Musk”. “He is like a Big Brother that cannot be avoided – added Nasaw – a joker entertainer, a troll, a provocateur”.

On the other hand, one cannot escape a man who speaks to almost 140 million Twitter followerswhose deeds go beyond the confines of social media, as they have a real impact on people’s lives, present and future: Tesla’s green revolution, the underground tunnels of The Boring Companyspace explorations – pointing to Mars – of SpaceX. Musk is master of all this and perhaps, intimately, he believes he is also master of our destinywhen he claims that it will help make man “a multi-planetary species”.

The portrait

Being Elon Musk (and tweeting 5,000 times a year): gaffes, jokes and provocations by mr. Tesla

by Emanuele Capone

On one side is Musk the visionary. On the other is Elon, serial author of controversial, discussed, often unhappy tweets. Like when he accosted the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler, with a meme. Or like when, more recently, he lashed out at billionaire George Soroscomparing him to Marvel’s “super villain” Magneto, and writing that “Soros hates humanity, wants to erode the very fabric of civilization.” It was not a free attack: Soros’ investment fund just liquidated his $16 million stake in Tesla.

Musk has always tweeted what was on his mind, without filter. Not long ago, during an interview, Linda Yaccarino – among other things the new CEO of Twitter – suggested to Musk to don’t open Twitter after 3 in the morningbecause “certain nightly tweets often become controversial and can damage the company’s reputation” and at the same time could “drive away investors”.

The character

Who is Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter who has nothing to do with Musk

by Pier Luigi Pisa

“I would really like to tweet less after that hour – Musk replied – but I will not stop doing it just because someone asks me to or because it is not appreciated”.

No one – probably not even his lawyers who tried to gag him, when he was facing a fraud conviction due to a tweet about Tesla – can harness and censor Musk.

Being Elon Musk, twenty chapters of a visionary life

by Pier Luigi Pisa

For two reasons, at least: on the “freedom of expression” Elon Musk founded, at least officially, the whole Twitter operation. His purchase proposal, in 2022, was motivated – at least initially – by the desire to guarantee on the social a total “freedom of speech”. And he insisted on this point even after the acquisition, despite the criticisms of those who believe the “new Twitter” is more prone to hate speech, disinformation and far-right propaganda.

The case

The number 420 that got Elon Musk in trouble

by Pier Luigi Pisa

The other reason is that Musk, the second richest man on the planetas well as one of the most influential men in the world, he is convinced that he can say what he wants. “I will say what I want. And if this means losing money, I will accept it” said the entrepreneur during an interview that was published yesterday by CNBC.

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