Elsa Zylberstein is preparing a biopic on fashion designer Christian Dior

Towards a new success for Elsa Zylberstein ? Less than a year after the box of ” Simone, the trip of the century », biopic of Simone Veil in which she plays the main role, Elsa Zylberstein announced in the columns of variety prepare a film tracing the career of the famous French couturier Christian Dior. The film will be produced by Elsa Zylberstein’s production company (Sonia Films) and written by Julien Teisseire, creator of the television series “Plan Coeur”.

Present on the red carpet in Venice for the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festivalthe French actress and producer has announced that her future biographical film will tell ten years of the life of Christian Diorfrom her first collection in 1947 until her death in 1957. The film, which will take place in Paris, will retrace the beginnings of her fashion house, during the post-war period, and the empire it has become thanks to his right arm Raymonde Zehnacker as well as his love affair with a younger man, Jacques Benita.

“Christian Dior was a fiercely private man, so people know very little about him and he was not a flamboyant figure like other fashion designers or popular cultural icons, but he was fascinating nonetheless. . (…) It’s a world that I know very well because I grew up there thanks to my mother”, declared the actress and producer whose mother worked at Dior for twenty years, particularly in the 1970s.

Not just a fashion movie

This biopic will not only be a film about fashion, but it will also explore the relationships between Christian Dior, Jacques Benita and Raymonde Zehnacker, whose role Elsa Zylberstein will play. “We like to say that behind every successful man there is a woman, and that was also true for Dior. »

The actress who has recently embarked on production, alongside her acting career, will also soon be back in front of the cameras to interpret another historical figure of French heritage: Simone de Beauvoir. She had revealed in the columns of variety last April having obtained from Gallimard the rights to adapt Simone de Beauvoir’s book “Letters to Nelson Algren”.

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