Emergency room at Roca Sales hospital is expected to reopen in October

Hit by the flood caused by the page of an extratropical cyclone two weeks ago, the Roque Gonzales Hospital, in Roca Salesin the Taquari Valley, should reopen the emergency room on October 1st. The announcement was made by the mayor of the municipality, Amilton Fontana, in a meeting this Tuesday (19) with the director of the Department of Specialized Management (Dgae), Lisiane Fagundes.

The structure of the Roque Gonzales Hospital was restored and equipped with support from municipalities in the region and the hospitals Santa Casa, in Porto Alegre, Bruno Born, in Lajeado, and Pompéia, in Caxias do Sul. The information is from the State Department of Health.

The institution is carrying out emergency works, such as painting and replacing the electrical network, in order to resume serving the population and reopen observation beds. According to the municipal secretary of Health of Roca Sales and director of Hospital Roque Gonzales, Raquel Oestreich, the expectation is that the renovation will be completed before the end of September.

Considered a priority, the reopening of Hospital Roque Gonzales was the subject of two online meetings between the State and municipality throughout this Tuesday. In the morning, measures were lined up to return to operation. Members of the National Force of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the Technical istance of the Secretariat of Specialized Health Care (Saes), who have been working in Roca Sales, participated, as well as the director of Dgae, Lisiane Fagundes, and the head of the Division of SES Own Units, Letícia Ikeda. The discussion continued in the afternoon, when the teams aligned the details to ensure reopening.

Another topic discussed was the construction of a new hospital in a higher part of Roca Sales, on land to be provided by the municipality, avoiding a repetition of the damage suffered in the flood.

“These meetings are important for us to define the next steps for reopening the hospital. We divided this agenda into two moments. An urgent and priority moment is the adaptation of the hospital structure for reopening as an emergency room and with observation beds”, explained Lisiane Fagundes. “And another moment, which is also important and will happen in parallel, is the construction of the new hospital. This is guidance from the governor, who spoke with the mayor on Monday.”

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