Emmanuel Lasker, the philosopher of combat

The Figaro Diagonal by Bertrand Guyard Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE LETTER SUBSCRIBERS - This newsletter is dedicated to the second world champion. A friend of Albert Einstein who will have been a mathematician, philosopher and an exceptional master, who kept his crown for 27 years.

Dear enthusiasts of the enchanted world of 64 squares, the second portrait of the series dedicated to the world champions of our game is dedicated to the German Emmanuel Lasker (1868-1941). The successor of Wilhelm Steinitz (Diagonal of the Figaro N°10), still holds the record for longevity at the top of the players' pyramid: he retained his title for twenty-seven years, from 1894 to 1921. beaten.

Lasker remains a master apart in the galaxy of the greatest champions. When we think of Capablanca, a word immediately comes to mind, harmony. For Tal, we think of the magic of his combinations. For Alekhine and Kasparov too. Steinitz, as we saw in the previous letter, it is of course his mastery of positional play that is obvious to both amateur and expert. But with Emmanuel Lasker, nothing of the sort, his style belongs only to him. On this battlefield of 64 squares, he was able to show himself brilliant, tenacious…

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