Emmanuel Macron accelerates the calendar and gives an appointment to local elected officials

Emmanuel Macron accelerates the calendar and gives an appointment to local elected officials

French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris on March 13, 2023.

The Head of State plans on a whole series of projects for the coming year, consulting at all costs on subjects as varied as the reform of institutions. Monday, March 13, the president set two working meetings with local authorities by the summer, as part of his institutional reform project. The Head of State has “tightened the work schedule by fixing [ces réunions] with eight elected associations”, declared to the press the president of Regions of France. Carole Delga, who came out of a meeting of the main associations of elected officials with Mr. Macron, added that Gérard Larcher and Yaël Braun-Pivet will also participate. “The president considered three themes as priorities: the education-training pole, the housing pole and the transport pole”she clarified.

According to the participants consulted, the meeting did not address the controversial issue of the redistricting of the major regions, born of the 2015 reform. The secretary general of the presidential party, Renaissance, Stéphane Séjourné, had hoped in January that they find a ” human size “.

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“Decentralization of housing and housing policy”

At the Elysée, the president of the Assembly of the departments of France (AdF), François Sauvadet, reiterated that he “didn’t expect a territorial big bang” during this reform. “What we want is to work for a republic of solutions for the lives of the French”he explained, expressing “a shared desire [avec M. Macron] to make things change. But there is still a lot of work to do.”.

For his part, the president of Intermunicipalities of France, Sébastien Martin, affirmed his “satisfaction that the President of the Republic wants to move forward in the field of housing”. “We have been defending for some time this idea of ​​the decentralization of housing and housing policy, and that we are given the means to carry out thermal renovation, to have regulatory power over Airbnbs”he explained.

The Elysée meeting took place in the absence of David Lisnard, president of the influential Association of Mayors of France (AMF), held back by a long-standing commitment to his city of Cannes. According to the AMF, which has “deplored an abnormal decision”the Elysée refused that the association be represented by its vice-president.

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