Emmanuel Macron struggles to embody his “French ecology”

Last Friday Emmanuel Macron addressed the theme of the forest in the Jura. Philippe TRIAS/PHOTOPQR/LE PROGRES/MAXPPP

DECRYPTION – The president is increasing the number of announcements and projects, but his overall action remains unclear.

The climate emergency or the geopolitical emergency? It was torn between these two imperatives that Emmanuel Macron landed in Dubai on Thursday. The President of the Republic participates in the COP28, organized in the United Arab Emiratesbut also intends to hold talks with regional leaders on the Israel-Hamas conflict. At the risk of putting into the background an ecological fight that it nevertheless makes a priority. Which has long earned him a noisy trial from the left and environmentalists, but also, mezza voce, the regrets of part of his majority.

We readily admit him to his own camp: ecology is not Emmanuel Macron’s first living language. His first five-year term was marked by misunderstandings on the subject, which culminated with a hazardous citizens’ convention responsible for formulating proposals, before the president buried several of them. During his re-election, Emmanuel Macron used ecology to repel voters, in particular…

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