Emmanuelle Béart reveals that she was a victim of incest during her adolescence, in an upcoming documentary

Emmanuelle Béart breaks the silence in an upcoming documentary: that of the incest of which she was a victim between the ages of 10 and 14. Co-directed by the actress with Anastasia Mikova and baptized A silence so loudthe documentary will be broadcast on M6 on September 24 at 11:10 p.m., revealed The Obs And SheTuesday, September 5.

Over meetings with four other victims of incest during their childhood, three women and a man, the actress tells how her own journey to decide to speak was long and painful.

In an interview with women’s magazine Shepublished on Tuesday, she claims to have had “initial idea” of this documentary, after having “attempted two or three times to imagine a fiction around incest “, after having “ been deeply struck” by Christine Angot’s books on the subject in recent years.

Above all, she tells how the filming of this documentary decided him to testify in turn. “At the beginning, I wanted to take the camera, and not speak, a ready-made expression that I hate, a bit like “fear has changed sides”! I did not include myself in this space. But faced with their courage [celui des quatre personnes qui témoignent], I questioned myself”testifies the actress.

“Justice is not up to par”

“Why, at some point, do we break the silence? But because it makes too much noise! Why are we silent, especially at first? Because we are afraid, because we are ashamed, “Nobody likes us to speak”denouncing this silence that surrounds incest: “Family silence, societal silence, circles of silence! And by being silent oneself, one perpetuates this silence, one participates in the silence. »

The 60-year-old actress goes on to argue: “I am not a victim, and this is not a film about victims, but about beings who have been victims and who are fighting. Me, I consider that I have made my life, but “it” never goes away, it never goes away, it never takes off from itself. You can run as much as you want, you can create, become a mother, have a great job…”

She still says that she testified at the age of 14 to the violence she suffered, to her parents, which did not change anything, but especially to her grandmother. “She’s the one who saved my skin (…) She allowed me to get out of the clutches of this man. I was taken out of the family circle and sent to boarding school”confides Emmanuelle Béart.

As for the one who subjected her to repeated and touching during her adolescence, Emmanuelle Béart umes to conceal her name and not to have filed a complaint against her, regretting the lack of support for the victims by the justice system, due to too few convictions for such acts, according to her. “I couldn’t bear to take the risk of hearing that it didn’t happen. A dismissal is terrifying, and that’s what happens to three quarters of people who file a complaint.she recalls.

“I say that the law seems unsuited to violence, including incest. Justice is not up to par”, she argues. Shortly after, Emmanuelle Béart adds: “Especially since a child who speaks, if he is not believed, falls back into silence. (…) today there is a paradox between the injunction to speak and the inability to listen. We must fight against the denial of society! »

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