Emmanuelle Jary, the comp fork

Posted Sep 7, 2023, 7:00 AMUpdated on Sep 7, 2023 at 7:01 am

“Is laughter unique to man? Cook too! underlines Emmanuelle Jary, to complete the quote from Rabelais. The creator on Youtube of the channel “It’s better when it’s good” is also on track to match the reputation of Gargantua. The small online culinary reports that this fine fork launched in 2016 have more than 1.9 million subscribers, all social networks combined. And already, its young quarterly magazine of the same name, stuffed with surveys, recipes and good addresses, the second issue of which appears today on newsstands, has been printed in 70,000 copies.

Emmanuelle Jary is still surprised by the enthusiasm generated by her shows, where she reveals her natural spontaneity under the camera of her husband Mathieu Pansard. “At first, we did this in our spare time. But in 2019, the success really jumped, she recalls. For reasons that I can’t fully explain, a video made in Bourdonné, in the Yvelines, at the restaurant Chez Erwann, made the buzz. During the day, we had 2 million views. Today it has 40 million. »

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