Environmental activists disrupt an interview with Marion Maréchal on BFM, the channel files a complaint

“Today, I decided to come and interrupt the normal course of things.” 12:07 p.m. this Sunday, October 22, an activist from the environmentalist collective Dernier Rénovation interrupts the live interview of Marion Maréchalguest of the day on “BFM Politique”, the interview offered by Benjamin Duhamel every Sunday between noon and 1 p.m. on BFMTV.

The activist was one of 18 people seated in the audience, recruited by the specialist company WeClap. The news channel does not give him time to express himself further: the sound coming from the studio is cut off immediately, before the antenna goes back on air a few seconds later, for a page of advertising a little longer of 6 minutes.

BFMTV: Incidents live on the news channel during the interview with Marion Marchal. Two individuals burst onto the set in less than ten minutes, forcing the channel to cut the air. #BFMpolitics pic.twitter.com/op12AwIoOj

— Infos Françaises (@InfosFrancaises) October 22, 2023

“It really came out of the blue, from the audience. He came running and jumped to sit on the table. It made a boom that startled us. We understood that he was an environmental activist when we saw the inscription on his t-shirt: We have 577 days left (“we only have 577 days left”). He made a short speech for less than a minute before peacefully getting off the table and being taken care of by security officers,” explains our journalist Olivier Beaumont, who participated in the interview.

12:21 p.m., while the interview with the executive vice-president of Eric Zemmour’s party resumed, a second individual appeared near the studio table yelling: “We are the citizens, we have the power.” Here again, viewers don’t see much, since the channel cuts the live broadcast again. Once again it’s time for advertising, an interlude during which the remaining spectators are directed to the exit, so that the show can resume without a third problem.

“They were taken away by the police”

“Right after the restart, a second guy got up to stand next to us. This time, he didn’t have time to finish his speech because he was interrupted by security. At the end of the show, they were taken away by the police called by the channel. No one was scared but we were very surprised because we hadn’t seen them coming. Marion Maréchal remained stoic, but she was a little annoyed. Despite the delay caused by these interventions, we were able to resume the interview and ask all the planned questions. At the end of the live broadcast, the police asked Marion Maréchal if she wanted to file a complaint. She replied no because Benjamin Duhamel had just announced on the air that BFMTV was going to do it,” continues Olivier Beaumont.

2nd incident / interruption on BFM TV during “BFM Politique” hosted by Benjamin Duhamel with Marion Maréchal as guest.
Continuation of the show without the audience who had been evacuated!#BFMpolitics pic.twitter.com/SjTlMTLrSF

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“We deplore the desire of a certain number of individuals to disrupt the show by infiltrating the public… We have decided to continue the show without an audience for greater peace of mind,” the channel’s boss, Marc, told us. -Olivier Fogiel, who confirms that he will file a complaint against the two troublemakers.

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