environmental activists on trial for disrupting British Grand Prix

Six environmental activists on trial in the UK after disrupting the Silverstone Grand Prix.

The trial of six environmental activists who disrupted the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone in England last year began on Wednesday, with the prosecutor believing that the activists had posed a “immediate risk of serious harm“.

On July 3, 2022, when the British Grand Prix race was neutralized after a serious accident, several people had “tent“, according to the International Automobile Federation, to enter the track.

The operation had been claimed by the group of activists “Just Stop Oil”, which has been multiplying for months the punch actions in the United Kingdom to demand the cessation of the exploration of fossil fuels in the country.

There was clearly an immediate risk of causing serious harm. Obviously they could have been hit by speeding vehicles“, estimated the prosecutor Simon Jones in front of the jury of the court of Northampton (center of England). “Their actions also endangered the pilots and marshals.”

The six defendants have pleaded not guilty to the public nuisance charges against them. The trial is expected to last two to three weeks.

Immediately after the intrusion, the group had confirmed that “cfive activists disrupted the Grand Prixwhile a sixth got stuck and tied in a nearby parking lot.

In a video released before taking action, the activists said they were acting because the world “is being destroyed for the benefit of a few people“.

Invasion of football pitches, roadblocks, throwing soup on works of art… The Just Stop Oil group made a name for itself last year by multiplying its punch actions, a strategy adopted on Tuesday during ‘a press conference.

We disrupt, because otherwise the media wouldn’t even talk about the climate crisissaid Phoebe Plummer, a 21-year-old campaigner who rose to prominence by throwing soup at a Van Gogh painting in a London museum in August. It is “a response proportionate to the future that awaits us“.

In a statement last week, Just Stop Oil says more than 2,000 arrests have taken place since their mobilization began in April 2022, with 150 people detained. “There are currently 10 Just Stop Oil supporters in prison“, is it added.

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