eProdutor presents rural management platform at Expodireto

eProdutor presents rural management platform at Expodireto

Technical management plus financial management equals a business family. This is the equation that the startup eProdutor, from Paraná, wants to help create in the field. For this, the company presents at the 23rd Expodireto Cotrijal, in Não-Me-Toque, its 100% digital platform for financial and tax management of family properties.

The startup is one of those that make up the Agrodigital Arena, which is receiving technology-based companies that, there, present their solutions to help digitally transform and help increase the efficiency and innovation capacity of the sector.

“This is one of the biggest fairs we have ever participated in and we want to show Rio Grande do Sul producers our experience with family management so that they can professionalize their rural property and become more efficient, also taking advantage of new opportunities that arise”, comments the entrepreneur” , explains Lucas Dierings, consultant in Rural Business Management at eProdutor. The startup is currently present in three countries and 14 states.

According to him, producers can nowadays do all management based on data. The platform has three main modules: financial and fiscal; agronomic and one focused on digital poultry farming. All focused on helping the producer in making a decision about his business. “Behind the agricultural production, the producer has a company, so, more than teaching them to use the platform, we guide them on how to put the functionalities into practice”, he explains.

He says that the training extends to his wife and children and that even the launch of family and property expenses is carried out separately, to provide more transparency.

With the functionalities of the financial module, for example, producers no longer need to enter invoices for purchased products. Just automatically search the Federal Revenue. It involves controlling production inventory and inputs, scheduling payments and receipts, and managing loans.

In the agronomic module, it is possible to monitor satellite images and integrates with weather stations on the farm to provide data on rainfall, assess whether the weather is interesting for spraying, and also to facilitate receipt of rural insurance.

The poultry farming module provides a sensing system – the sensors are manufactured by the startup itself in Paraná – which provide real-time data on the weight of the chicken, internal environment aimed at animal welfare.

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